Independent Photo Imagers Celebrates Their 30th Anniversary and Donates to RTP

By Jennifer Kruger, PMANewsline

Independent Photo Imagers (IPI) members joined Fujifilm North America Corp. in donating $460 to support the work of Rehabilitation Through Photography, a charity devoted to transforming lives through the power of photography.

“Our members joint contribution with Fujifilm was the idea and made possible by Georgia McCabe. During our IPI Member Retreat, Georgia provided one-on-one consulting for our members and our members provided a contribution for their time with Georgia,” said Brent Bowyer, executive director at IPI. He continued, “Our members have never had such a positive experience, and I suspect similar programs will become a mainstay of our future Member Retreats.”

IPI is North America’s largest buying group/trade association composed of independent businesses operating in both the image capture (photography) and the image archiving (printing of all kinds and preserving) industries.

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