“Hitchcock Story, NYC. British Glamour, 2012” by Pamela Hanson part of JHP Auction


Title: “Hitchcock Story, NYC. British Glamour, 2012” by Pamela Hanson


By Shayna Miller


Although this photograph has all the potential of a classic 1940’s romantic scene in New York City, there is a clear sense of the ominousness that Alfred Hitchcock’s films are so well known for. Without the title, perhaps one would consider the couple’s body language to be a sign that there was a disagreement at some point; but throw in the word “Hitchcock,” and one knows that there is a more dangerous twist to this possibly inverted romance scene. While the photo was published in British Glamour in 2012, I feel that the photograph really captures two of Hitchcock’s most commonly used themes in his films: suspense, and the audience as a voyeur. One can almost feel the tension projecting through the photograph, exemplified through the intensity of the woman’s perplexed stare, while the man seems to have no idea what is going through her head. Perhaps she is keeping some dark secret from him that has, or will have, the potential to result in bloodshed. Either way, by utilizing the word “Hitchcock” in the photo’s title, any viewer becomes a voyeur, as we ponder the secret in this seemingly distorted intimate relationship from a distance. Through Hanson’s photograph, Hitchcock actually becomes a fashion style.


This stunning photograph will be part of the Josephine Herrick Project 2013 MODERN MASTERS OF PHOTOGRAPHY BENEFIT AUCTION on November 4, 2013 in NYC. For more information about the auction, please visit: http://jhproject.org/benefit/


About the photographer:

Pamela Hanson was born in London, England and grew up in Geneva. She attended the American School in Lugano, Switzerland, and later attended the University of Colorado where she pursued her studies in fine arts. Hanson has over twenty years of experience in the fashion industry, with her work featured in: Allure, D Magazine, Elle, Glamour (American, English, Italian), GQ, InStyle, Jane, Marie Claire (American, English, Australian), and many others. In 2001, Hanson released Girls: a 200+ page photo book filled with personal and professional work, color and black and white images, which has had worldwide success. She released her second book Boys, in the spring of 2006. She has also directed several television commercials in Europe including L’Oreal, Andre Shoes, Stride Rite Shoes, Chantell, Nivea and Nouveau. Pamela also directed a series of television spots to raise funds for finding a Juvenile Diabetes cure and has recently received an award from the Association of Independent Commercial Producers (AICP) for her “Family Stories” short documentary; a public service announcement collaboration with The Partnership at Drugfree.org. She currently lives in New York City with her two Sons. 

Visit Pamela Hanson’s website: http://pamelahanson.com/



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Our Online Auction is now LIVE!

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Downtown Magazine Features JHP: Josephine Herrick Project to Hold Photography Auction

Art Therapist Beryl Brenner and veteran Thomas Matonti at Brooklyn VA during a JHP photo class

October 30th, 2013

Josephine Herrick Project will hold its first public photo auction in 35 years on November 4. The 2013 Modern Masters of Photography Benefit and Auction will be held at the Aperture Gallery, located at 547 W. 27th Street in Chelsea. Past and present students, including notable photographers and artists Man Ray, Douglas Kirkland, Art Wolfe, Barbara Kinney, Mike Yamashita and Amy Arbus, will participate in the benefit. Over 90 prints have been donated by 84 photographers and will be available at the gallery showing.

To bid on the auction and learn more about the benefit visit: http://auctions.readysetauction.com/josephineherrickproj/

The non-profit organization, originally named War Service Photography, began in 1941, and has been transforming the lives of ordinary people and students through the power of photography. Josephine Herrick began photographing hospital-ridden soldiers during World War II and sending the pictures back to family members with a personalized note as a way of bringing families closer.

“Josephine is not just a pioneer in community service, but as a woman who transcended the social boundaries for women at the time,” said Maureen McNeil, Executive Director of Josephine Herrick Project. “Even today, our mission remains to assist those who want to express themselves through photography. This is attributable to the work done by Josephine Herrick.”

Blooming Flower by Lily from the International High School

Josephine Herrick remained as Executive Director until her passing in 1972, at which point, Jean Lewis, took over its leadership continuing their mission of teaching photography. However, the name of the organization was changed to Rehabilitation through Photography (RTP) as a means of providing therapeutic services to the disadvantaged, lower income children, substance users and the homeless.

This non-profit has become a driving force among like-minded organizations, including The Block Institute, Brooklyn VA, Creedmoor Psychiatric Center, Jewish Union and Birch Family Services.

Read more: www.downtownmagazinenyc.com/herrick

Barbara Kinney’s Photograph from the 1997 Presidential Inauguration up for auction Nov 4th


“Inauguration 1997” By Barbara Kinney

By Sara Sweetwood


“President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hilary Rodham Clinton were dressed and ready to attend the inaugural balls scheduled for that evening after the President had been sworn in for his second term earlier that day. The Clintons were in the East Room doing the final touches before an “official” portrait taken by another photographer when I took this candid photo of the couple. I’ve always liked the simple elegance of the photo, with the twinkling lights and the bright backlight from the other photographer’s set-up. It was a quiet moment before they spent the next few hours traveling from party to party, meeting thousands of supporters. Only recently did I notice the outstretched hands of both the Clintons and George Washington in the background painting.” – Barbara Kinney


About the Photograph:

This elegant, intimate capture is digitally scanned from an original print. It will be part of the Josephine Herrick Project’s 2013 MODERN MASTERS OF PHOTOGRAPHY BENEFIT AUCTION on November 4, 2013 in NYC. For more information about this auction, please visit: jhproject.org/benefit


About the Photographer:

Barbara Kinney is a photojournalist whose work has appeared on the covers of TIME, Newsweek, and People magazines. She was a White House photographer during the Clinton Administration and was Hilary Clinton’s campaign photographer during the 2008 Presidential primary elections. She has traveled internationally photographing projects for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Clinton Foundation, the Nike Foundation, CARE and the Eastern Congo Initiative. Kinney has served as staff photo editor at USA Today, Reuters, and the Seattle Times. She is a graduate of the William Allen School of Journalism at the University of Kansas. Kinney is currently based in Seattle, WA.


For more information about the benefit auction and to purchase tickets visit jhproject.org/benefit


Our Online Auction is now LIVE!

Please visit: http://auctions.readysetauction.com/josephineherrickproj/ to see all the amazing photographs up for bid now and at the Josephine Herrick Project’s 2013 MODERN MASTERS OF PHOTOGRAPHY BENEFIT AUCTION on November 4, 2013 in NYC


Fundraiser Puts The Best of Modern Photography Up for Bid Online

Art Wolfe  



Online and Live Auction to Benefit Josephine Herrick Project


October 28, 2013, New York—A person would have to do a lot of gallery hopping to view and purchase a William Wegman photograph of his famous Weimaraners, one of Ron Galella’s many paparazzo shots of Jackie O, a slice of rock and roll history showing Janis Joplin in a 1968 recording session or the indelible 9/11 image of the plane headed for Tower 2, the 2001 “Photo of the Year.”

These and nearly 50 other signed prints are up for auction and open for bidding, starting today at http://auctions.readysetauction.com/josephineherrickproj/. The auction, “Modern Masters of Photography,” is a fundraiser with 100 per cent of the winning bid going to the Josephine Herrick Project, a New York City nonprofit that uses photography in therapeutic programs for autistic children, veterans, at-risk youth and developmentally challenged children and adults.

The online auction precedes a live auction on November 4th from 6:30 to 8:30 at Aperture Gallery, 547 West 27th in New York City.  Online bids are due by 3pm, November 3, with the highest online bid setting the opening for the live component, to be conducted by Christie’s auctioneer Rachel Orkin-Ramey. Tickets for the live auction and cocktail reception are $150 and can be purchased at http://jhproject.org/benefit/.

Barbara Kinney


The donated images illustrate the range of modern photography, from still lifes, photojournalism, travel imagery, fashion and portraiture. Visitors to the online auction site will see behind the scenes of the Clinton White House as captured by former White House photographer Barbara Kinney, Douglas Kirkland’s gleeful portrait of a beaming Audrey Hepburn, historic images of the first Obama inauguration by Dana Bowden, images from the Man Ray archives as well as Robert Farber’s whimsical fashion imagery.

The Josephine Herrick Project, until earlier this year known as Rehabilitation Through Photography, has long had the devotion and support of the photographic community. At its first auction fundraiser n the early 1970s, Ansel Adams, Margaret Bourke-White, Edward Steichen and Irving Penn were among the pros that donated work to help raise funds for the organization. 

Started in 1941 by photographer Josephine Herrick to teach photography to returning World War II servicemen to help heal the emotional wounds of war, it eventually expanded to serve autistic children, new immigrants, developmentally disabled, recovering addicts and others.  Today, The Josephine Herrick Project creates programs for a variety of social service agencies and hospitals across New York City, providing equipment, curriculum and volunteer photography teachers.   

About The Josephine Herrick Project

The Josephine Herrick Project is a New York City-based nonprofit, founded in 1941, that enlists photographic community volunteers and the industry to provide equipment and photography skills to underserved populations. JHProject’s free programs inspire children, teens, veterans, adults and seniors with the visual language of photography, which enables them to engage with others and in their communities through their artistic vision.


Rachel Orkin-Ramey from Christie’s will lead the JHP Auction on Nov 4th!

Rachel Orkin-Ramey is Business Director of Asian Art at Christie’s Auctions & Private Sales. With a BA from Amherst College and an MA from the Courtauld Institute of Art, London, she began her career in the auction world in 2004 at Christie’s and has remained with the company since then, working in both the UK and New York. Highlights of Orkin-Ramey’s career at Christie’s include the record-breaking Asian Art Week auction in March 2011 that achieved $118 million in sales and working on Christie’s first ever auctions in Mumbai, Shanghai, and Christie’s Online Only. As an auctioneer, Rachel Orkin-Ramey set the world-record with a sale of $94,000 for a bottle of extremely rare Glenfiddich whiskey, the proceeds going towards SHFT Initiatives, a charity dedicated to sustainability causes. Rachel Orkin-Ramey is well-respected in her field, and we are pleased to have her be a part of the Josephine Herrick Project  2013 MODERN MASTERS OF PHOTOGRAPHY BENEFIT AUCTION.

“Libby/After Therese” by Amy Arbus Photograph: Up for Auction on November 4th


“Libby/After Therese” (2012) By Amy Arbus

By Sara Sweetwood


About the Photograph:

Arbus’s simple yet thought provoking piece is 40” x 30”, and is framed. The size is a limited edition of only 10 prints. The piece is neutral in color and sophisticated in style.


This amazing photograph will be part of the Josephine Herrick Project 2013 MODERN MASTERS OF PHOTOGRAPHY BENEFIT AUCTION on November 4, 2013 in NYC. For more information about the auction, please visit: http://jhproject.org/benefit/ 


About the Photographer:

Photographer Amy Arbus has published four books, including the award winning On the Street 1980-1990 and The Inconvenience of Being Born. The New Yorker called her most recent, The Fourth Wall, her masterpiece. Her advertising clients include Chiat/Day, Foote, Cone and Belding, American Express, Saatchi & Saatchi, SpotCo, New Line Cinema and Nickelodeon. Her photographs have appeared in over one hundred periodicals around the world, including New York Magazine, PeopleDazed and Confused and The New York Times Magazine. She teaches portraiture at the International Center of Photography, Maine Media Workshops and The Fine Arts Work Center. Amy Arbus is represented by The Schoolhouse Gallery and The Griffin Museum of Photography in Massachusetts. She has had twenty-two solo exhibitions worldwide, and her photographs are a part of the collection of The National Theater in Norway, The New York Public Library and The Museum of Modern Art in New York.

                        Source: amyarbus.com


For more information about the benefit auction and to purchase tickets visit www.jhproject.org/benefit

“Angkorwat, Cambodia” by Phil Borges is part of the JHP Auction on Nov. 4th!

 By Brittanny Connolly 


 “Angkorwat, Cambodia”  by Phil Borges

Angkorwat, Cambodia by Phil Borges depicts not only the magnificence of photography, but of nature and the world we live in. Three monks dressed in orange robes draw the viewer’s eye into the photograph, their garments bright and vibrant against the earth tones behind them. A colossal tree drapes over the walls of the temple, letting the viewer know how ancient the temple itself actually is. Although the temple was built by man, it looks almost as natural in the quiet forest as the tree that cradles it. You can almost feel the cool air emanating off the stone mixed with the dampness of the forest. The peacefulness that is produced by the subject of this image is astounding and its beauty lies in the calm silence the surrounds its subjects.

 This amazing photograph will be part of the Josephine Herrick Project 2013 MODERN MASTERS OF PHOTOGRAPHY BENEFIT AUCTION on November 4, 2013 in NYC. For more information about the auction, please visit: http://jhproject.org/benefit/ 


BIO: For over twenty-five years Phil Borges has been documenting indigenous and tribal cultures, striving to create an understanding of the challenges they face. His work is exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide and his award winning books, which have been published in four languages, include Tibetan PortraitEnduring SpiritWomen Empowered and Tibet: Culture on the Edge. He has hosted television documentaries on indigenous cultures for Discovery and National Geographic channels. Phil also lectures and teaches internationally.

Phil’s recent project, Inner Worlds, explores cultural differences with respect to consciousness, mental illness and the relevance of Shamanic traditional practices and beliefs to those of us living in the modern world.

Phil’s program Stirring the Fire has produced several short documentaries, a book and an exhibition highlighting some of the extraordinary women worldwide who are breaking through gender barriers and conventions in order to enhance the well being of their communities.

In 2000 Phil founded Bridges to Understanding, an online classroom program that connects youth worldwide through digital storytelling in order to enhance cross-cultural understanding and help build a sense of global citizenship in youth. He also co-founded Blue Earth Alliance, a 501c3 that sponsors photographic projects focusing on endangered cultures and threatened environments.

Phil graduated from University of California as a Regents Scholar in 1969 and was honored with their prestigious University of California Medal in 2004. He lives with his family in Seattle.  http://www.philborges.com/


“Paris Dove” by Ryszard Horowitz is part of the JHP Auction on Nov. 4th!


Ryszard Horowitz “Paris Dove”

By Brittany Connolly

Ryszard Horowitz’s Paris Dove evokes the romantic essence of the city in both its name and in its image. The painterly quality that the photograph has gives it a classic, timeless feeling. It makes me contemplate on my own short time in Paris, walking the Champs-Elysées in the rain, not really believing where I was. This image brings to life the beauty that envelops Paris, its art, its architecture and its culture. The dove poses for the photographer in a way that seems almost human, its bright white feathers appearing angelic in the light of the sun.

 This amazing photograph will be part of the Josephine Herrick Project 2013 MODERN MASTERS OF PHOTOGRAPHY BENEFIT AUCTION on November 4, 2013 in NYC. For more information about the auction, please visit: http://jhproject.org/benefit/ 

BIO: Ryszard Horowitz was born in Krakow in Poland on May 5th 1939. Four months later the Nazis had invaded his homeland and his entire family ended up being sent to a series of concentration camps. They miraculously survived and at the war’s end were amongst the few Jewish families who were able to re-establish their lives in Krakow. Ryszard is one of the youngest known survivors of Auschwitz.
Ryszard studied art at the High School of Fine Arts in Krakow and then went on to major in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in his home city. In 1956 during a brief political and cultural thaw in Poland the government awarded subsidies to encourage new and original art forms and Krakow suddenly emerged as a center of avant-garde jazz, painting, theater and filmmaking. Ryszard, who was seventeen at the time, took full advantage of being at the heart of the action and consequently became fascinated with American photography.
In 1959, he finally achieved his ambition of immigrating to the United States and enrolled at New York’s famed Pratt Institute. While still a student at Pratt he was given a scholarship to be apprenticed to Alexey Brodovitch, one of the most influential figures in the world of editorial design and photography at the time. After graduating from Pratt in 1963, Ryszard then worked for a number of film and design companies and as an art director for Grey Advertising.
In November 1967 he opened his own photography studio. Photography would be his lifelong career and passion. In the ensuing four decades his work has been exhibited, published and collected around the globe and Ryszard has been awarded every major accolade that can be bestowed on a photographer including Gloria Artis Gold Medal of merit to culture awarded by the ministry of culture of Poland and Doctor Honoris Causa awarded by Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, and Wroclaw Academy of Fine Arts. He is recognized as a pioneer of special effects photography predating digital imaging.  For more information: http://ryszardhorowitz.com/

PhoozL Announces Photo Contest Benefiting the Josephine Herrick Project


Globally recognized professional photographer, Robert Farber is the head judge

September 23. 2013 – (Charlottesville, Virginia) – Photography competition site PhoozL announces a special photo contest (‘Beauty’) that will benefit the Josephine Herrick Project (formerly Rehabilitation Through Photography). This is a paid-entry ($25), judged contest where the contest winners not only win prizes but also contribute to photo charity JHP (via their entry fees). The head judge, Robert Farber, is globally recognized for his genre-crossing style in nudes, still life, landscapes, and fashion. The contest is open to all, amateur to pro, 18+, worldwide. To see more details and to submit by November 19, 2013, go to: http://www.phoozl.com/photo-contests/beauty/

“We are delighted to partner with PhoozL on this project, says Jackie Augustine, President of Josephine Herrick Project. “Our programs use photography to help our participants express themselves. The theme ‘Beauty’ aligns perfectly with our goal to help people see the beauty in their world through a camera lens. We are honored to have Robert Farber as our judge and most thankful for our sponsors: Unique Photo, Aperture Magazine and Cengage Learning.”

Contest prizes include: a 1:1 personal communication with judge Robert Farber about the winner’s entries or photographic work, a $500 Gift Card from photo retailer Unique Photo, a one-year subscription to award-winning Aperture Magazine, a free book selection from the digital photography catalog of Cengage Learning PTR, custom award icons, inclusion in PhoozL’s Winners Showcase, and bonus PhoozL Points.

“We’re very excited to partner with the Josephine Herrick Project in this special photo contest,” adds Harald Johnson, PhoozL’s founder. “The entry fee is $25 for up to 3 submissions, and the entry proceeds will be donated to JHP to support their good works in enhancing lives through photography.”

About Josephine Herrick Project
The Josephine Herrick Project (formerly Rehabilitation Through Photography, established 1941) is a New York-based nonprofit that enlists photographic community volunteers to educate students who have not had the opportunity to learn the communicative power of photography. Through partnerships with local organizations, JHP projects are completely free programs that inspire children, teens, adults and seniors with the visual language of photography, enhancing their abilities to transform communities through artistic vision.

About Judge Robert Farber
Robert Farber‘s style has influenced generations of photographers. His painterly, impressionistic style captures the essence of composition in every genre, including nudes, still life, landscapes and fashion. His ten photo art books have sold over half a million copies. Robert’s fine-art photographs have been published in virtually every form, and he has exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide. Aside from his fine art photography, Robert Farber’s work encompasses major campaigns for fashion, beauty and advertising, as well as directing for TV and film. A documentary highlighting Farber’s life and career, is in development for PBS.

About PhoozL
PhoozL® (www.phoozl.com) provides photographers and photo enthusiasts with Recognition for their photo talents, photo Learning, and Inspiration via unique photo challenges/contests, professional judging and judge commenting, and other valuable feedback from pros and peers alike.

*PhoozL® and Photo IQ® are registered trademarks of Harald Johnson Communications.

Heather Boose Weiss photograph up for auction November 4th

  “Hanging Valley, 2009” By Heather Boose Weiss

By Sara Sweetwood

 “Hanging Valley” is available for auction on November 4th at the Josephine Herrick Project’s Benefit Auction. This gorgeous black and white still depicts nature’s grandeur. The dramatic piece juxtaposes the tranquil starry night sky with a rushing stream of water cascading over mountains to create a striking and dynamic image.


About the Photographer:

Heather Boose Weiss was born in 1981, and was raised on the East Coast. While studying at Cornell University she found her love for photography. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts in 2005. She currently lives in Connecticut and works around the world. Her work is featured at the Susan Eley Fine Art Gallery located in the Upper West side. For more information on Weiss visit her website at http://www.heatherbooseweiss.com


This amazing photograph will be part of the Josephine Herrick Project 2013 MODERN MASTERS OF PHOTOGRAPHY BENEFIT AUCTION on November 4, 2013 in NYC. For more information about the auction or to purchase tickets, please visit: http://jhproject.org/benefit/