“Jellyfish” by Ed Hafizov is part of the JHP Auction on Nov 4th!

“Jellyfish” by Ed Hafizov

 By Shayna Miller

“I will remember the unnerving moment when I was submerging the whole system under water, and another one, when I jumped into the pool and intuitively threw my hands with the camera above the water. I certainly have my equipment insured and trust Ikelite’s reputation but there is something about bringing electronics under water…” –Ed Hafizov

Info: This is a real underwater photo session with both the model and the photographer being underwater. The model’s body is painted. Everything is real, no composites or added elements.


Earlier this week I had the pleasure of meeting with Mr. Hafizov, and discussing his “Jellyfish” creation. The first thing he said was “give the body painter (Anastasia Durasova) all of the credit; it was her vision.” While he humbly emphasized this, I couldn’t help but think; ok, but isn’t it this man’s brilliant talent that brings the Jellyfish to life? I asked Hafizov if he had a concept or idea in mind before he started shooting with his model, Tanya Dolichnaya, which he did.  Beforehand, Hafizov had 2 sessions with Tanya in an acquaintance’s pool without the paint, followed by 2 sessions with paint . Tanya is wearing a white bathing suit, and is completely covered in different shades of blue paint, in order to create Hafizov’s vision. The top of the human jellyfish is actually a large hat, created by Anastasia with painted fabric and wiring.

What I find so intriguing about this photograph is that this model is intended to look like a jellyfish, yet when I really study it I find it morphing into something more human, and even scientific. What I mean is I feel as if I am staring at the muscles of a human being, somehow caught in motion through an x-ray. I can almost see these blue muscles undulating before my eyes if I gaze at this photograph for a long period of time. What I also find so human about it is her left hand is the only body part that appears to be fully intact in the photograph, and the illumination of the light on this area emphasizes it. To me, this photograph really pays tribute to the jellyfish, which is a creature that is far more aware of their environment at all times than humans could ever be at one time.

This stunning photograph will be part of the Josephine Herrick Project 2013 MODERN MASTERS OF PHOTOGRAPHY BENEFIT AUCTION on November 4, 2013 in NYC. For more information about the auction, please visit: http://jhproject.org/benefit/  

About the photographer:

Ed Hafizov, born in the USSR, is the creative director and owner of Zorz Studios, located in Manhattan, NY. He offers arousing and daring fashion, commercial, wedding, and beauty photography. He has won the Fearless Photographer Award 3 times in a row, and is a distinguished member of Grace Ormonde Platinum List. He Specializes in fashion and commercial photography, advertising, underwater photography, body painting, fine arts portraiture, sensual boudoir, fine art maternity, epic wedding photography, and edgy engagement sessions.  www.zorzstudios.com/

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