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 Photo by David Burnett

“Usain Bolt Wins the Gold Medal in the 100 Meters” London Olympics 2012 

By Lauren Kupferberg – August 12, 2014

The roar of the crowd is wild. The chants of victory can be heard miles away. The race is over, but the champion remains. His smile does not leave his face.  He had won. He had once again made his dreams a reality. Although the photograph is not only of a man winning a race, but rather a man accomplishing the goals he set out to accomplish, and surpassing everyone else’s opinion of him. The photograph represents that anything is possible, if you just believe

About David Burnett

David Burnett has been a photojournalist for over 4 decades. He has captured some of the most life changing events in this lifetime. He has received many rewards, including being voted to be one of the “100 most important people in photography.” He works with many publications and organizations. He has spent his whole artistic life taking photographs of places, trying to capture moments of people all over the world.


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Signed, open edition, Digital C print

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