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Photo by Thomas Drysdale 

“World Trade Study, 1976”

By Maureen McNeil – September 11, 2014

For anyone who loves architecture, the abstract lines of Minoru Yamaski are exquisite in Thomas Drysdale’s photograph “World Trade Center in 1976.”  Because Drysdale captured only the middle of the buildings, the lines look like gleaming sunlit cliffs stretching into infinity, with a dark void in between.

Yet, September 11, 2001 has colored our reaction to this photograph. Today’s lens makes the image look vulnerable, as if the buildings are tipping. The negative and positive spaces shift and as we look, the video of their collapse reruns through our minds: Drysdale’s photograph of simple straight patterns becomes a collective emotion for people around the world. He has captured one of the giants, real and fictional, that have fallen throughout human history.


About Thomas Drysdale

Thomas Drysdale is an associate professor of Photography and Imaging at the Kanbar Institute of Film and Television at NYU.  His work has been published in Art News, American Photographer, Photographies and L’Architecture: Sujet ou Pretext?  His photographs have been exhibited at Museum of the City of New York; Witkin Gallery, New York; Exposure Gallery, New York; Soho Photo Gallery, New York; O.K. Harris Gallery, New York; Mednick Gallery, Philadephia; Studio 666 Paris; Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris; Musee des Beaux Arts, Agen, France, and many other galleries around the world.



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