JHP Remembers: Ian Mark Jones, Photographer

RIP Ian Mark Jones, Photographer

April 29, 1983 – August 10, 2015

Our condolences to the family of New York photographer, Ian Jones, 32, who passed away following a kayak accident on the Hudson River Saturday morning.

As a photographer, Jones worked on a project titled “Street Kids,” which “casts a photographic lens on the street-kid culture of the East Village.”

Here’s more about that project:

“It began as a collaborative effort between Jones and Grey Magazine’s editor-in-chief Valentina Martin. Both were fascinated by the hardcore resiliency and youthful vibrancy of the “unknown” youth of Tompkins Square. Agreeing from the start that neither one of them would profit, they developed Street Kids with the intention to philanthropically support the kids using fashion photography as a medium. Offering $200 in cash to the kids for one day of photographing, Jones began the process of casting the subjects that would make up his photographs…” MTV plans to develop a six part documentary series about the project this fall.

Learn more about the project here http://bastardfanzine.com/street-kids.

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