Making Photos is Making History

Last week, I attended a Black History Month event in Harlem, hosted by Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer. I was instantly touched by the words of Ming Smith, who was honored that evening, when she said, “photographs are powerful, and looking at your own photograph makes you powerful.” So true! We create our own history when we snap a picture.

I hope you all had a chance to read the Editor’s Letter in the February issues of Popular Photography
by Miriam Leuchter. She is also Vice President of the Board of Directors at JHP and heads up the development committee. We are so lucky to have her! She shares her observations on a visit to our photography program that takes place at NYU Langone Medical Center with adults suffering from brain injury. A testament to the magic of the camera lens – of all the arts, I find photography to be the most accessible and versatile. With an introduction by a professional, our participants learn hands-on, create, share and connect. Offering a camera to someone who feels cut off because of poverty or illness is an invitation to be part of the world, and make history.



Mauricio Blandino

And experienced of majical, memorable moments was had by all photographing objects, nature and one another.
Our comments, critiques and interpretations of each other’s work were welcomed.
Respect and appreciation of our unique individualism further enhanced our friendships.
Thank you Josephine Herrick Project and your wonderful caring staff for helping us discover and capture these special moments.

Mauricio Blandino

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