JHP launches first Veteran’s Program in NJ at Unique Photo


By Jackie Augustine – September 30, 2014

Are you a Veteran and interesting in learning digital photography for FREE?

Join the Josephine Herrick Project (JHP) for an 8-session introduction to digital photography at Unique Photo in Fairfield, NJ!

Using Canon Rebel DSLR cameras, this 8-session program will focus on several different subjects, including portraiture, still life, outdoor photography, special effects, macro photography, and much more.


Classes start Saturday, October 11th at 10am to noon at Unique Photo in Fairfield, NJ.

Instructors include Harmon Kaplan, Rick Gerrity, Michael Downey, and Jackie Augustine.
Canon DSLR cameras will be provided for use during class.


This program is FREE RSVP for VETERANS ONLY.
Please do not enroll if you are not a veteran.
Enroll early!  Only 15 spots available.

Our Instructors for the program

Harmon Kaplan


Rick Gerrity

Michael Downey


Jackie Augustine


About Josephine Herrick Project’s Veteran Program

Since its founding in 1941, JHP has had a distinguished legacy of offering free programs to veterans. Dr. Howard Rusk, renowned rehabilitation pioneer, tapped photographer Josephine Herrick to train photographers to teach the art and technical aspects of photography to wounded soldiers. Portable darkrooms were designed so that bed-bound patients could learn to develop and print the photos they had taken. Today the Josephine Herrick Project has programs for veterans at the Brooklyn VA, the James J. Peter VA Hospital in the Bronx, and the St. Albans VA Hospital in Queens. Other veteran programs are in partnership with libraries, colleges and Services for the Underserved. Here is a link to The Today Show featuring a JHP program which aired on July 4, 2014, http://www.today.com/video/today/55575203&hl=en.

The goal of the free JHP photography programs for veterans is to connect participants to their communities. JHP provides at no cost, cameras, supplies, materials and professional instructors. The program introduces veterans to the camera, focusing on portraiture, still life, street photography and photojournalism. Selected veteran photographs are then exhibited in venues around NYC and the surrounding area, enhancing their ability to transform communities through their artistic vision.

For more information about JHP veteran programs, please contact maureen@jhproject.org or 212-213-4946.






Program Spotlight- Oasis at Pace University

All photos by Oasis Students

This summer JHP partnered with its neighbor, Pace University. Students in the Oasis program, a model college program for students on the autism spectrum, were introduced to the Canon Rebel by JHP photographers, Nousha Salimi and Vik Gupta.

The students are quick learners and really enjoyed both the artistic and technical aspects of photography.

During class they explored areas of Brooklyn and the Financial District.

As a final project, each student designed a book on Blurb.com with selections of their favorite photographs.


I HAVE A VOICE, a new JHP program at International High School

By Maureen McNeil – August 28, 2014

I HAVE A VOICE is a new Josephine Herrick Project 8-week photography program starting in October at the International High School in partnership with the Cartwheel Initiative and Children’s Museum of the Arts. Nousha Salimi will teach the class along with a Parsons intern, Julia Himmel. Students will also write stories, compose music and use their photographs to create a stop film animation with Ashok SInha, Deborah Feingold and the staff at the Children’s Museum.  Click on the link to see a film the I.H.S. students created last spring. http://youtu.be/HbRpApNf4UA.  Also, you can “meet” our participants in this short video:http://youtu.be/HSiYEHF9t8E.

The Josephine Herrick Project began partnering with the International High School in 2013 in an afterschool photo club. Students at I.H.S. are English Language Learners from all over the world who are new to NYC in the last two years. Photography is a perfect tool to help them tell their stories and to explore the city.






Chasing Dreams in New York

By Ruiyao Shen

Most people in New York are chasing dreams.  I am one of them.  But the difference between me and  the other people is that I am came for my dream and also some other reasons.

I am a Chinese girl  from a coastal city name Shenzhen located in Guangdong, China. It used to be just a fishing village, and nobody would ever want to move there. Fortunately, Xiaoping Deng saw the future of Shenzhen, and developed the village. Now Shenzhen is one of the biggest city of immigrants in China.  just like New York in the United States!

Shenzhen is gettingto be an  international destination. One of the main reasons is that Shenzhen is near Hong Kong. People travel between Shenzhen and Hong Kong a lot. Because of that, most Shenzhen citizens can speak Mandarin and Cantonese. I can speak both, too.

As I just said, Shenzhen and New York are similar, because both of them are big immigrant cities. So I don’t exclude New York, because New York has people from all over the world. But New York has more modernization and urbanization. Which means, there are more modern buildings, and people. They call this kind of people New Yorkers. Even when you are walking on the streets, you can see who is a New Yorker, and who is not. New Yorkers are very confident, and they are walking with a purpose. When they are walking on the street, they are only looking forward and looking for their gold and and their dreams.

When I just arrived in New York, I didn’t have much time to walk around New York instead to find a school. At first, I want to go to a regular high school as I saw on “Glee”. But it was not easy to find a high school that was suitable for me. My parents and I went to a place that you have to go to register to go to high school at New York. There was a woman from Taiwan, and she spoke in Chinese and told us that it is not easy to find a really good high school for us, because of my report card from China is not outstanding enough. Then she recommended us to a new high school name the International High School at Union Square. This is the school where I am going to now.

Just like the name, International High School. All the students here are immigrants. Most students are Spanish speakers, the second biggest language is Chinese, and then African, Bengali and very small number of Europeans. The first impression that my school gave me was horrible, because it is not what I thought a high school should looks like. In addition, in the classes, even the teachers separate the students into groups by different languages spoken, but they wouldn’t talk to you. I considered transfering to other school thousand times. Not because of the teachers and students, but I need an English environment to improve my English. Moreover, my first year in New York was not too easy.

Living in a new environment is not as easy as I imagined. First of all is my language. Second is that I don’t know anything about this place at all. Third, I don’t have any friend here. The first school year, I went to school every day, stayed with Chinese students every day, went home after school and took a nap every single day. I felt like I was wasting my times. Finally, I got some fun in my junior year. I started to talk to my friend from the Dominican Republic, and I realized that it is a lot of fun in this school, but I didn’t even try to find it! I started to stay with my friends who don’t speak Chinese to practice my English, and I feel very comfortable speaking English with my friends, because they know my situation and I know them. So we learn from each other and no one is going to laugh at you.

Actually I am a negative person. I always say “it is too late.” But there always has been someone to tell me “it is always not too late.” I am appreciative to the people who say this sentence to me. They let me know that it is always not late to explore your life and to do what you want to do.

Now I have a really beautiful life in New York. I have my friends. I am getting to know more about this city. I am getting better. I love what New York gave me. New York brought me to see another world, gave me a lot of valuable experiences. Maybe this is one of the reason why all the people came to New York, to find another yourself.

About Ruiyao Shen

Ruiyao is a student at International high School in NYC. She is an intern at the Josephine Herrick Project. She recently completed her first Blurb book for JHP entitled, “WWII: The Art of Healing Through Photography”.

RTP partners with GallopNYC to add a new photography program

RTP recently launched a new photography program with GallopNYC to help expand their therapeutic horseback riding by adding the ability of the participants to capture the horses and their experiences through the world of digital photography.

GallopNYC (Giving Alternative Learners Uplifting Opportunities, Inc.) provides therapeutic horseback riding to people in New York City, using interaction with horses to promote the growth of functional and mental abilities in a safe, supportive and fun manner. GallopNYC bases its program on good horsemanship, sound riding principles, and therapeutic riding and hippotherapy standards that are approved by the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship (PATH). Read more

SNAP Talk! Something New About Photography! Photo Program at Creedmoor Psychiatric Center







We met with Sanije Bruncaj, the Senior Recreation Therapist at Creedmoor Psychiatric Center early this year to discuss adding a photography segment to the art therapy program she was doing at Creedmoor.  Sanjie, an amateur photographer, wanted to improve her photographic knowledge before attempting to teach her students the “art of photography”.  We contacted Chuck Delaney, the dean of photography at NY Institute of Photography.  He generously donated an online photography course and Sanjie was up and running.  Armed with cameras from RTP that were donated by Fujifilm and Olympus and her new found knowldge, she started to give her students lessons in photography and took them on photo tours around NY.  Here are some great photos and comments from her student M.B. from NY landmarks:  Time Square, Top of the Rock and NY Aquarium.


Times Square, NYC 4/26/12 – Photo and entries by: M.B






“Welcome to the crossroads of the world, Time Square inNew York City. This is a well known place that we all have talked about most of our lives and some people can only dream of visiting. This is a great place to walk up and down the streets sightseeing. It is very beautiful”


 Top of the Rock –Rockefeller Center,NY– 5/10/12 – Photo and entries by: M.B








“The Top of the Rock Observation Deck is a very scenic part ofRockefeller Center. This picture shows the famous EmpireStateBuilding which is located in mid-town Manhattan. In the background you can also see the Freedom Towers where the Twin Towers once stood.”


The New York Aquarium at Coney Island, NY5/16/12 – Photo and entries by: M.B








“This picture was taken at the New York Aquarium. In this particular photo you can see a part of an exhibit that includes a grey shark and a stingray. This exhibit is located at the prettiest part of the aquarium on Coney Island inBrooklyn,NY.”


Creedmoor Psychiatric Center

SNAP Talk!

(Something New About Photography!)

Creedmoor Psychiatric Center, TheLivingLearning & RecoveryCenter,

80-45 Winchester Blvd, Queens Village,NY11427