Program Spotlight: Brain Injury Survivors

Josephine Herrick Project and the Brain Injury Association of NY State, NYC Chapter are partnering for a second time to offer weekly photography classes to adults living with brain injury.

The current program is focusing on storytelling and “The Art of Life.” People living with traumatic brain injuries (TBI) often suffer from physical and cognitive shifts like weakened vision, difficulty in communicating thoughts and/or difficulty with spatial or facial recognition. Working with the camera allows students to navigate their perceptions of and communicate to the world around them. “The Art of Life” simply speaks to the consistent beauty that exists around us and our individual understanding and connections to that beauty that are captured by the camera.

JHP volunteer instructors Maggie C. and Virginia A. are working alongside NYC Chapter President, Mauricio B., who has also returned as a program participant. The group has engaged photography on a larger scale and taken city based excursions to Bryant Park and to the NYPL current photography exhibit, Public Eye: 175 Years of Sharing Photography. Classroom space is donated by Rusk Rehabilitation Center Currently, at least 5.3 million Americans live with disabilities caused by TBI and JHP is honored to support NYC based individuals through visual literacy and creative storytelling.