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Click here or the button below to DONATE $10 or More to JHPWe use photography to help those in need!Josephine Herrick Project provides a unique opportunity for over 1,000 participants that are physically or emotionally challenged, elderly, at-risk, autistic, homeless, veterans or visually impaired. Our students learn to express themselves visually, verbally and emotionally. By exhibiting their photographs, they connect with their communities and become known for their talents rather than their disabilities.The passion for photography and a passion for serving others defines the JHP community. Through JHP classes, we often discover for the first time how our students see the world.Through our free programs, military veterans, kids and adults with autism, at-risk youth, formerly homeless, and other people in need connect with the world and share their experiences in their own photos and writing.

“Nousha showed us how to use the camera. Now, when I am depressed, I go outside and take pictures and it just helps me relax.”
—Benjamin Marrero, Veteran
JHP Bronx VA program

“Photography makes me peaceful.”
—Akeem Bonaparte, JHP student and 2013 Award Winner from President Obama for his volunteer services.

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IRA Charitable Rollover Is Back

Just read an interesting article in The Wall Street Journal, “IRA Charitable Rollover is Back”.  The good news is that investors 70 1/2 or older can transfer as much as $100,000 a year from an individual retirement account directlt to  a qualified charity. And, charitable rollovers can be made in January 2013 for 2012.  Won’t you consider RTP for your IRA Charitable Rollover?

Best Wishes for a Wonderful 2013!!

Jackie Augustine – Preisdent – RTP

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