Taking Pictures at the NY Aquarium

By Akeem Bonaparte  

On Saturday September 15, 2012, The Friendship Group for Photography went to the NY Aquarium and took pictures of different kinds of aquatic wildlife. The participants that joined the photography group were Royce, Malik, Mark, and I. The group was accompanied by Jeffrey, Avis, and Sahara. Sahara, our professional photographer, was there to teach us how to take portraits, take close-ups, when to use a flash and Birdseye view. Read more

RTP awarded the Voice of Hope Award at Birch Family Services




Budding Photographer

Celebrate the positive impact the

Fotography in Friendship program

 is making in their lives!


Join us on Tuesday May 15, 2012 for the Feelings in Focus Spring Fundraising Event for Birch Family Services, for details click on this link: http://www.birchfamilyservices.org/events/feelings.html 



Birch Family Services, founded in 1975, has grown from one small school into one of the largest networks of comprehensive programs serving New York children and families. Birch provides special schools, residences, and other services to individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities ranging in age from 3 to 72. 

Our “newest” New Frontier Program is Fotography for Friendship which uses a shared interest in photography to promote social skills development in young adults on the autism spectrum.  In recognition of your organization’s integral role in making Fotography for Friendship a success, as well as the great work you’ve been doing with our students at our School for Exceptional Children, it is at this event that we would like to present Rehabilitation Through Photography with our Voices of Hope Award.