Program Spotlight: Kips Bay Library

After being introduced to a wide range of compositional elements, the active seniors at the Kips Bay branch of the New York Public Library concluded their 8-week program with a final exhibition reflecting abstract images of city life.

The ordinary became extraordinary for two hours every Tuesday as students walked the streets of Manhattan putting to practice their new lessons. The program produced a final exhibit that hangs in the Kips Bay branch community room. Participants invited friends and family to the reception and we even had a visit from Jesus Perez, representative of Manhattan Borough President Gail Brewer’s office.

The participants were a spirited bunch and are already looking forward to another program they can join.

JHP and the Kips Bay program were also featured in Town and Village bringing great local attention to the good work happening in the community. After much support from NYPL and excitement over the coming exhibit,
additional prints were made and images have been framed for the public. You can view the exhibit at the Kips Bay branch 2nd floor community room.

Photos before they meet the white walls.


Heidi with her print.

Michael taking in fellow classmate artwork.

Carol shining bright with her print.

Town and Village article. Images by: Shelley W. (Kips Bay participant)

See You at Photoville!

As I look out my office window, I see the blue, yellow and red shipping containers of Photoville!

We will load in on Wednesday, September 9th and are very excited to introduce Josephine Herrick Project to a brand new audience. We will showcase photographs by participants in 2015 programs as well as highlight work from the high school students of the Step Up program at McSilver Institute for Poverty Policy and Research at NYU. Our volunteer teaching photographers have also submitted work to exhibit and we are introducing our organization’s founder, Josephine Herrick (1897- 1972), photographer and social activist.

Plenty to see, so we hope to see you at Photoville!

Photoville is held at Brooklyn Bridge Park and will be open to the public September 10-13 and September 17-20.

Opening Night Party: September 10

We’re Proud of Proud! Meet JHP’s Spring Intern

Meet Proud.

Originally from Thailand and currently attending International High School in Manhattan, Proud recently concluded her internship here at JHP.   During her time, she assisted with in office tasks including but not limited to camera inventory and exhibition preparations. Alongside her office work, she created both a book (click the link to view or purchase Proud’s book) with photos she captured over her time with us and also, a short movie about her internship experience. Proud chose to study and follow the style of photographer Dimitri Mellos as she created her book from images on the streets of New York. Proud had the opportunity to sit with Dimitri and share her work.

Later, Proud shared the details of her internship during a presentation held at International High School that celebrates the students’ work and internships. Proud’s video was shown at the June 3 awards ceremony and is now being incorporated into our marketing materials.

In additional to purposeful photography programming, JHP offers young adult participants and high school students at partner schools the opportunity to gain office experience and more time with the camera through an internship. We offer this as another way for JHP to engage with NYC communities and for participants to further engage the world despite the challenges they face.

Watch Proud’s Video Here! 

Photos of Proud’s School Exhibit. Photographs by: Elana Hart




Introducing: Isadora! JHP Volunteer Videographer

Lately, we have seen a lot of Isadora Frost–our new volunteer videographer! With tripod and camera in tow, she has already captured our professional development meetings, interviews with staff and interns in the JHP office, the Job Path Exhibition Opening, and the Brain Injury Survivors photo program on the streets of Williamsburg with fellow volunteers, Vik Gupta and Alberto Vasari. You will see her again at the June 3rd Award Ceremony, documenting our celebration of a year of programming at JHP.

Isadora is from Brazil and new to New York City. She received a BA in Fine Arts from San Francisco Art Institute and has a BA in Performance and Dance from Pontificia Universidade Catolica de Soa Paulo, Brazil. We are very lucky to have Isadora as an intern and volunteer. She is fun, easy to work with, and is an excellent editor!

Soon, you can catch some of her JHP short videos on YouTube. Stay tuned.

Brain Trauma Survivor’s Pursue Photography

by: Elana Hart, Development Director

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month. More than 5 million people live with Chronic TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) which may include some vision and hearing loss, loss of memory, and other cognitive deficits. JHP has partnered with a Brain Trauma Survivor’s Group from Lower Manhattan. The photography program is taught by JHP photographers Alberto Vasari and Vik Gupta.

“The class consists of nine students (six female and three male) who have all suffered brain injuries that span pre-natal damage to trauma suffered just a few years ago.” Says Vik “This is a local chapter of a state-wide association and the participants have a wide variety of backgrounds ranging from business to combat. According to their activities coordinator, Mauricio, these workshops have, for the first time, sparked a lot of sharing among group members, increased their engagement with the environment through observation, and provided an outlet for their creative talents. The sharing is not limited to the images captured but extends to their worldview and experiences in life after their injuries. Working with this group is a joy and the benefits for both students and teachers are apparent.”

Save the Date: PMDA 64th Annual Golf Outing to Benefit Josephine Herrick Project

Save the Date: Thursday May 8, 2014



To Benefit The Josphine Herrick Project



5933 Northern Boulevard

East Norwich, NY 11732


Scramble Format – All Levels Welcome!


JHP Benefactor Sponsorship Package ◦Foursome, Brunch, Dinner & Recognition at Event: $1,500

Single JHP Benefactor Package ◦Brunch, Gold & Dinner – Per Person: $380

•Industry Networking Special ◦Brunch, Dinner & Awards Ceremony: $195


For more information regarding sponsorship opportunities contact Michele Tramantano

For more information about The Josephine Herrick Project contact Maureen McNeil

JHP and Brooklyn’s Block Institute: Developmentally Disabled Students Learn Self-Expression Through Photography

The Block Institute, based in Brooklyn, New York, was founded in 1961 by Rabbi Block who decided to work with mentally challenged adults who had been denied the right to attend bar mitzvah classes. Since then, the Institute has established a health clinic as well as several programs for both adults and children. While receiving the care they deserve from the Block Institute, the Josephine Herrick Project (formerly Rehabilitation Through Photography) began a complementary program to help these people tap into their creativity through photography. By providing photo gear and professional photographers to teach classes, the Josephine Herrick Project helped to free the Block Institute attendees from the social stigma of “developmentally challenged” and discover their inner talent. These photography programs became a huge success in more ways than one: not only did the students learn to creatively express themselves, but it gave their therapists and teachers extraordinary insight into how their patients and students view the world around them. This moving short film provides a closer look at what the Josephine Herrick Project has done in conjunction with the Block Institute. We look forward to creating many more successful programs like this one at the Block Institute so we may better understand the world around us through the artistic vision of everyone!