Carnegie Celebrates Youth Based Photography Programs

The NeON Arts exhibit at Carnegie Hall Resnick Education Wing was breathtaking last night. All seven NeON offices were represented by large, framed prints on easels and by bodies scattered throughout the foyer and main room. Each NeON office presented 5 physical photos and were part of a slide show of other captures throughout the evening. It was obvious that friends, family and probation officers were all blown away by the work of these young people who were either DoP clients or community members. Gale Brewer, Manhattan Borough President, said it best as we headed out of the space “We need to keep these programs going. They are important.”

This summer, the NeON Arts program partnered with organizations and individual photographers to lead seven groups of students around their neighborhoods with the goal of mapping assets and resources that serve the community or improve the lives of youth. The photos will be used in an online Google map and each of the seven NeON sites will host their own exhibit receptions of only their local work in the coming weeks.

JHP and the Harlem NeON focused on “Healthy Harlem.” Brandin, our student representative spoke truthfully last night to a crowded room of strangers, “When you come from the hood, you don’t always get to learn how to live healthy.” And that ladies and gentleman was the goal of the overall project—to introduce students to new ways of life that support their positive growth. Brandin was, to his own shock, later approached about an internship that would teach him all about healthy eating and living. Co-teaching photographers Wendy Correa and Alberto Vasari led this dynamic group and were able to make a real impact on the way these students see the world around them.


JHP and Harlem NeON participant Brandin presented Gail Brewer with a photo from his group.

The Harlem NeON team with Brandin and volunteer photographers Wendy and Alberto.

Join us and our program partner at The Cartwheel Initiative Celebration

 About Cartwheel

Help the artists of The Cartwheel Initiative bring the healing power of the arts to children and youth affected by war and natural disaster in Sri Lanka.  For two weeks this August we will work with a multi-ethnic group of youngsters from the north and south of Sri Lanka in a coordinated series of workshops in storytelling, filmmaking, photography, multimedia visual arts, and music composition.


About the Cartwheel Event: 

Join us at Fotocare on Tuesday, June 18th from 6.30pm – 8.30pm  for an evening of wine, Sri Lankan hors d’oeuvres, music and meet The Cartwheel Initiative’s artists as well as get a taste of the art form being used in this year’s project.   Teaching artists from The Children’s Museum of the Arts in New York (our  educational partner) will guide attendees in frame-by-frame stop motion animation of themselves.  Films created during the event will be posted online for guests to share and enjoy.
About JHProject partnership with Cartwheel
The Josephine Herrick Project Partnership with The Cartwheel initiative was truly an enriching and exciting international  experience. We provided the Carttwheel team with 35 digital cameras and memory cards for their photography workshops with the children.  We gave permission for Cartwheel to leave  15 cameras with the schools to continue their learning and discovery about seeing the world through the camera lens.
Whether or not you can attend, please visit our recently launched online fundraising campaign on Indiegogo, and help us bring the power of the arts to children who have survived civil war and tsunami. As a special incentive, if you contribute to our campaign before June 18th, you will be automatically entered to win an exciting door prize at the NYC event!
You will also have the opportunity to bid on silent auction items as well as award-winning work from professional photographers and team members  Deborah Feingold and Ashok Sinha.
The money raised at this event will assist the volunteer team of The Cartwheel Initiative pay for cameras and laptops (that will be donated for the kids’ use to The Foundation of Goodness in Sri Lanka), travel, and other project expenses. 
The Cartwheel Initiative’s website at will cover our trip via blog updates and videos so that you can stay connected and see first hand how your donations are working.
See you on the 18th!