JHP Honors Veteran Sheridan Dean

As a volunteer organization serving veterans for nearly seventy-five years, I wanted to report on something dear to JHP for Veterans Day so I picked up the phone and called Sheridan Dean. One of our goals is to train veterans to teach our veteran programs. Sheridan, after taking two programs at the Brooklyn VA taught by Camille Tokerud, assisted her in teaching a program at the Genesis House in Brooklyn, and now he is co-teaching with Linda Kessler at St. Francis College in Brooklyn Heights. He said “what is rewarding is that there are always a couple of veterans in each class who, like me, get hooked on photography.”

During his military service, Sheridan attended aviation school and worked on aircraft structural repair. Returning home to Brooklyn, he had a career with the telephone company. Now, in retirement, he is happy to document events like yesterday’s at Brooklyn Borough Hall: Eric Adams, Borough President, and Commissioner of Veteran Affairs, Loree Sutton, MD, Brigadier General US Army Ret. spoke about housing and jobs for veterans. The transit Authority and the NYC Police Department are both hiring, but Sheridan said he is happy in retirement, teaching JHP programs and doing photography. His goal is to make each photograph museum quality.

JHP honored the Commissioner on October 19th at our annual benefit auction. She is such a fabulous speaker; our guests were ready to enlist! Sheridan said that he is proud of her as a veteran, especially her energy and her positivity. She has made great strides in eradicating veteran homelessness in NYC and in creating jobs for veterans. When I asked what else she could do to help NYC veterans, Sheridan liked the idea of a Museum for veteran’s art.

Last Veteran’s Day, Sheridan and I and a few others spoke about the JHP programs to veterans at St. Francis College. When I asked about his Veteran’s Day agenda for this year, he said he’d be at the Brooklyn Mall: Applebee’s, Red Lobster and Olive Garden providing free dining for Veterans. He also has a dinner to attend on Long Island, hosted by the Knights of Columbus.

– Maureen McNeil, Executive Director

Photograph by: Sheridan Dean

Photograph by: Sheridan Dean

Photograph by: Sheridan Dean

Top Photograph by: Camille Tokerud

Vietnam veteran and JHP student Sheridan Dean’s “Negative Flowers” up for auction Nov. 4th


Sheridan Dean “Negative Flowers”

By Brittany Connolly 

*Fun fact: Sheridan Dean is a Vietnam veteran who completed a JHP photography course at the Brooklyn VA.  

Sheridan Dean’s photograph “Negative Flowers” is interesting a multitude of different levels. Not only is Sheridan a Vietnam Veteran who has taken the JHP funded photography course at the Brooklyn VA, he also has a keen eye and a creative mind.

The subject of this photograph is a simple flower, but the colors he has chosen using the negative effect give it a lively and exciting feeling. The lines of the photograph’s subject explode out from the center of the image and create movement and an overall beautiful composition. The detail in the center of the flower is hypnotic and draws the viewer directly into the photograph.

We here at JHP headquarters had the opportunity to view many of Sheridan Deans amazing photographs from his course at the Brooklyn VA. We are exciting to have this budding artist in our midst and can’t wait to see his future works.


This beautiful image will be available for bidding at the November 4th Masters of Photography Benefit Auction. 


For more information about the benefit auction and to purchase tickets visit www.jhproject.org/benefit


Our Online Auction is now LIVE!

Please visit: http://auctions.readysetauction.com/josephineherrickproj/ to see all the amazing photographs up for bid today until 6pm EST and at the Josephine Herrick Project’s 2013 MODERN MASTERS OF PHOTOGRAPHY BENEFIT AUCTION on November 4, 2013 in NYC


Robert A. Cumins “World Trade Center” photograph at JHP auction on November 4th

“World Trade Center, September 11, 2001” By Robert A Cumins

By Sara Sweetwood

This harrowing still is part of Josephine Herrick Project’s Benefit Auction on November 4th. This striking image elicits a visceral reaction from anyone who views it. The saddening yet beautiful capture is especially significant to JHP, as our downtown New York office is located a few short blocks away from Ground Zero. As a New York City based charity, 9/11 is a day that will forever live in our hearts. This unforgettable image stunningly captures this tragic day.


About the Photograph
Story: This historic and iconic image, which captured the second plane approaching the South Tower, appeared on the cover of People magazine and won the National Press Photographers Association’s “Picture of the Year” award.
Chromogenic print, 20 by 30 inches, flush mounted, with Cumins’s signature in silver ink


This amazing photograph will be part of the Josephine Herrick Project 2013 MODERN MASTERS OF PHOTOGRAPHY BENEFIT AUCTION on November 4, 2013 in NYC. For more information about the auction, please visit: http://jhproject.org/benefit/ 


About the Photographer
For nearly forty years, photographer Robert A. Cumins has been documenting history, politics, landscapes, and humanitarian needs around the world. His work has also taken him to Israel more than 200 times since 1973. Cumins has received numerous awards for the historically important and powerful photograph he took on September 11, 2001. His images have graced the covers and pages of Time, Newsweek, People, and other recognized international magazines around the world. The Robert A. Cumins collection includes his images from The Snows of Jersualem Series, The Treaties for Peace, Super Bowl III, and other images from throughout his career.


 For more information about the benefit auction and to purchase tickets visit www.jhproject.org/benefit

“Vicky Lambert Wearing Carolina Herrera” by Howard Schatz is part of the JHP Auction on Nov 4th!

“Vicky Lambert Wearing Carolina Herrera”

Photographed by Howard Schatz

 By Brittany Connolly

 The above photograph by photographer Howard Schatz is simply breathtaking. The model kneels in a dancers pose, elegantly tilting her head and creating captivating lines with her body as well as her spectacular Carolina Herrera dress. 

The contrast of the blue and white polka dot dress with the models skin generates the look and shape of an artist’s palette, adding another interesting element to an already striking photograph.


This stunning photograph will be part of the Josephine Herrick Project 2013 MODERN MASTERS OF PHOTOGRAPHY BENEFIT AUCTION on November 4, 2013 in NYC. For more information about the auction, please visit: http://jhproject.org/benefit/ 


About The Photographer

 The photographs of Howard Schatz are exhibited in museums and photography galleries internationally and are included in innumerable private collections. He has received international acclaim for his work which has been published in eighteen monographs.
Schatz’s 20th book, Caught in the Act: Actors Acting” was just published (October, 2013). In it he gives us a unique window into the world of stage and screen as he explores the magical transformation that happens when an actor takes hold of words on a page and becomes another person. Schatz directed and photographed 85 actors to explore an enormous range of scenarios in one-on-one improvisation, capturing the dynamic energy of the actors in full creative flight. The book includes powerful and compelling portraits of each actor along with an extensive interview, focusing on the creative process. 
In 2012, his 19th book, “AT THE FIGHTS: Inside the World of Professional BOXING” was published. Born out of a six-year study and exploration, it is a magnificent collection of fantastic and award-winning photographs and revealing interviews of boxing’s current champions and key movers and shakers including promoters, managers, announcers, referees, judges and trainers. At The Fights: Inside the World of Professional Boxing is published by Sports Illustrated Books is Schatz’s nineteenth book.
Published in 2011, WITH child, is the result of a 20-year long exploration of the landscape of the human body in the last two weeks of pregnancy. It is his eighteenth book. 
In 2007, Bulfinch Press published the third in Schatz’s series of explorations of imagery made on, over and underwater. It is a breathtaking feat of underwater photography and a visionary celebration of movement and form. Working with uncommonly graceful and aquatically gifted dancers, models, and performers, photographer Howard Schatz has found joyous inspiration underwater. The images in H2O take advantage of water’s unique properties- light, clarity, buoyancy, and reflectivity-to create a delightfully serene and otherworldly aesthetic. At once uncanny, lithe, athletic, and mysterious, the figures in Schatz’s photographs transform the pool into studio and stage. Howard Schatz first established a following in the 1990s with two collections of underwater photography, Water Dance and Pool Light. With H2O, Schatz takes the magic of weightlessness and the beauty of dance to new heights. Whether in single portraits or as part of a larger, spectacular ballet, his dancers are as utterly elegant as they are phantasmagorical. They appear before the camera as though borrowed from a dream.
In Character: Actors Acting Schatz’s sixteenth book of photographs, was published in April 2006 by Bulfinch Press. Schatz photographed 100 actors of stage, screen and television, directing them in one-on-one improvisation. Botanica (Bulfinch 2005) and Athlete, (HarperCollins, 2002) were Schatz’s two other most recently published books of photographs. Schatz’s books are known worldwide; other titles include: Nude Body Nude; Body Knots, Passion & Line, and Pool Light. Schatz’s editorial work has been published in magazines around the world, including Time, Sports Illustrated, Vogue, Vogue Italia, GQ Italia, The New York Times Magazine, The New Yorker, Stern, Life, Black/White, American Photo, Photo France, and Photo Italia. His work has been featured on the Today Show, Good Morning America, NPR, Fox Sports Network, the Discovery Channel and widely in Europe.
He has made extraordinary images for such advertising clients as Ralph Lauren RLX, Escada, Sergio Tacchini, Nike, Reebok, Wolford, Etienne Aigner, Sony, Adidas, Finlandia Vodka, MGM Grand Hotel, Virgin Records, and Mercedes-Benz.
Howard Schatz’s fine art work is represented in New York by the Staley-Wise Gallery, in Denver, by Gallery M, and in Los Angeles by the David Gallery. A full listing of other galleries in the United States and abroad can be found in the Galleries section of the website: http://www.howardschatz.com/




“Cemetery Guardian” by Chrystie Sherman part of the JHP Auction on Nov 4th!

“Cemetery Guardian, Krasnaya Saboda, Azerbaijan”
Photograph by Chrystie Sherman

By Brittany Connolly

The man in this photo sits in the brush outside what appears to be a white church. There is a bright halo of light seemingly not of this world surrounding the elegant structure, which gives the image an eerie yet romantic feel. The title, “Cemetery Guardian,” brings to mind images of gatekeepers of this world and of the spirit world, shuttling the dead to rest peacefully and ensuring that nothing of this world interferes with their passage. This man seems to be protecting the sanctity of the cemetery, keeping watch over the souls that reside there.

The formerly Soviet country of Azerbaijan brings to mind my own eastern European heritage. Hailing from Hungarian grandparents, I have always been especially close to my 95 year old grandmother. She is a spiritual woman, conducting herself accordingly, while carrying herself with a quiet grace. She has a magnetic aura and wraps others in her kindness wherever she goes. This woman would give you everything she had if you only asked for it (sometimes even when you haven’t). Given her background, she is as kind as she is strong. The man in this photograph has the face of someone who has worked outdoors and seen his fair share of struggle and heartache. My grandmother comes from a mixed heritage, her father being Jewish and her mother being Catholic. In the early 1900’s in small communities, this was not always welcomed with smile or supported by others (including their families). Eventually they left Budapest and immigrated to the United States and began their lives here with their five children. My grandmother herself had seven, on the one person union salary of my grandfather, a hardworking Irishman who gave little thought to child rearing. By the time she was my age, of twenty four; she already had two small children and was pregnant with a third. She quite frequently repeats that she made certain they “always had enough,” just like her parents did for her. Her face is similar to this mans, with a very dark complexion and what is now snow white hair…one must note she is still as beautiful as ever.

The man featured in the photo seems to be thinking of something, possibly looking back on his life or looking forward into his future. My grandmother does a lot of looking back, instilling knowledge and life lessons in all of us and putting meaning into everyday activities. This I believe comes with having lived on this earth for such a long time that you speak of it as if you have already departed. All you want to do is look down on the people you love and try your best to prepare them for life as you remember it.

My grandmother is living history and I am lucky to know her. The man who sits in this cemetery in Azerbaijan, among departed souls, reminds me of this fact. Not only because she is simply very old and I know that someday our time together will be over, but because of the history written on this man’s face. He has a slight smile, even though the environment where he sits posses a very somber tone and a heavy message.

Not only is the spiritually of this image is captivating, but also the photographic documentation of something as simple and as all-powerful as sitting on the edge of life and death; of this world and of another.

This stunning photograph will be part of the Josephine Herrick Project 2013 MODERN MASTERS OF PHOTOGRAPHY BENEFIT AUCTION on November 4, 2013 in NYC. For more information about the auction, please visit: http://jhproject.org/benefit/ 


About the Photographer

Photographer Bio: Chrystie Sherman has been a photographer for thirty years. Her work has been exhibited both nationally and abroad. She was educated at the University of Vermont, the University of Paris and New York University. She has worked as a photojournalist for the Associated Press, as a set photographer for PBS and WGBH children’s television and for Jim Henson and The Muppets. The Diaspora Essay is a work-in-progress, to be published as a book. Chrystie lives in New York City and travels extensively to photograph surviving Jewish communities in the post-Holocaust world.

Time Exposed #352 Miltoan Sea, Sounion 1990” by Hiroshi Sugimoto “ at the JHP Auction on Nov 4th

Time Exposed #352 Miltoan Sea, Sounion 1990” by Hiroshi Sugimoto “


By Shayna Miller


“…Mystery of mysteries, water and air are right there before us in the sea. Every time I view the sea, I feel a calming sense of security, as if visiting my ancestral home; I embark on a voyage of seeing.”       Hiroshi Sugimoto


Sugimoto was inspired to photograph this image of the sea because it captures two of the most essential components, which together, were able to create life on this planet. He states, “they (water and air) hardly attract attention—and yet they vouchsafe our very existence.” This seems extremely relevant in our fast-paced, modern day world; we go about our lives without stopping to acknowledge and pay reverence to these two vital components that are the foundation and continuation of human life; water being the place we first begin to form, and the air allowing us to continue and maintain what has been molded. Looking at this photo of two creators of life, one can journey back to their “ancestral home” and embark on a “voyage” that can clarify the mind.


This stunning photograph will be part of the Josephine Herrick Project 2013 MODERN MASTERS OF PHOTOGRAPHY BENEFIT AUCTION on November 4, 2013 in NYC. For more information about the auction, please visit: http://jhproject.org/benefit/ 


Hiroshi Sugimoto was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1948, and graduated from St. Paul’s University in Tokyo. Sugimoto attended the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, California where he graduated in 1974, the same year moving to New York. In 2013, his selected solo exhibitions include: SANBASO, divine dance—Mansai Nomura + Hiroshi Sugimoto, directed and set costumes were designed by Sugimoto, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York; and in 2012: Revolution, Museum Brandhorst, Munich, and Rothko| Sugimoto: Dark painting and Seascapes, Pace London


Visit Hiroshi Sugimoto’s website: http://www.sugimotohiroshi.com/





“Jellyfish” by Ed Hafizov is part of the JHP Auction on Nov 4th!

“Jellyfish” by Ed Hafizov

 By Shayna Miller

“I will remember the unnerving moment when I was submerging the whole system under water, and another one, when I jumped into the pool and intuitively threw my hands with the camera above the water. I certainly have my equipment insured and trust Ikelite’s reputation but there is something about bringing electronics under water…” –Ed Hafizov

Info: This is a real underwater photo session with both the model and the photographer being underwater. The model’s body is painted. Everything is real, no composites or added elements.


Earlier this week I had the pleasure of meeting with Mr. Hafizov, and discussing his “Jellyfish” creation. The first thing he said was “give the body painter (Anastasia Durasova) all of the credit; it was her vision.” While he humbly emphasized this, I couldn’t help but think; ok, but isn’t it this man’s brilliant talent that brings the Jellyfish to life? I asked Hafizov if he had a concept or idea in mind before he started shooting with his model, Tanya Dolichnaya, which he did.  Beforehand, Hafizov had 2 sessions with Tanya in an acquaintance’s pool without the paint, followed by 2 sessions with paint . Tanya is wearing a white bathing suit, and is completely covered in different shades of blue paint, in order to create Hafizov’s vision. The top of the human jellyfish is actually a large hat, created by Anastasia with painted fabric and wiring.

What I find so intriguing about this photograph is that this model is intended to look like a jellyfish, yet when I really study it I find it morphing into something more human, and even scientific. What I mean is I feel as if I am staring at the muscles of a human being, somehow caught in motion through an x-ray. I can almost see these blue muscles undulating before my eyes if I gaze at this photograph for a long period of time. What I also find so human about it is her left hand is the only body part that appears to be fully intact in the photograph, and the illumination of the light on this area emphasizes it. To me, this photograph really pays tribute to the jellyfish, which is a creature that is far more aware of their environment at all times than humans could ever be at one time.

This stunning photograph will be part of the Josephine Herrick Project 2013 MODERN MASTERS OF PHOTOGRAPHY BENEFIT AUCTION on November 4, 2013 in NYC. For more information about the auction, please visit: http://jhproject.org/benefit/  

About the photographer:

Ed Hafizov, born in the USSR, is the creative director and owner of Zorz Studios, located in Manhattan, NY. He offers arousing and daring fashion, commercial, wedding, and beauty photography. He has won the Fearless Photographer Award 3 times in a row, and is a distinguished member of Grace Ormonde Platinum List. He Specializes in fashion and commercial photography, advertising, underwater photography, body painting, fine arts portraiture, sensual boudoir, fine art maternity, epic wedding photography, and edgy engagement sessions.  www.zorzstudios.com/

500 Year Oak Tree Image Captured by Joseph Jurson is part of the JHP Auction on Nov 4th


“Angel Oak #3 by Joseph Jurson

By Brittany Connolly 

“Sometimes the subjects of my photography are hiding in the tangled growth of a preserved section of the rainforest, and other occasions the subject is in full view alone a walk on a New York City avenue.”      Joseph Jurson


This image almost immediately takes me back to childhood.


Being from a small town with our fair share of tall Oak trees, sleepy farms, and winding rivers, the perspective in Jurson’s image is reminiscent of a younger me, looking up a magnificent tree in my own hometown.  Its massive trunk and branches look ideal for climbing, lounging on, or gazing upon while you lie under it to keep cool on a summer day. The impressive nature of this tree is represented in Jurson’s photograph, and all of its five hundred year old glory is captured perfectly.


There is a quality about an image like this one that can only be described as magical. When we stand before something this ancient and with a presence this commanding, it is only natural that we feel a connection with nature more deeply than we did before. 


Background story:


“The Angel Oak, located on John’s Island in South Carolina is between 400-500 years of age and considered the oldest tree east of the Mississippi River.  When I’m in the presence of a tree that has endured for centuries, like this one, I quickly appreciate that our own time on earth is fleeting, and what we do with it matters.  For me, working to create a spirited portrait of this wonderful tree and making people stop, look, and appreciate the beauty of nature matters.  For those who see my work, I hope it matters too.”


This stunning photograph will be part of the Josephine Herrick Project 2013 MODERN MASTERS OF PHOTOGRAPHY BENEFIT AUCTION on November 4, 2013 in NYC. For more information about the auction, please visit: http://jhproject.org/benefit/ 


About the Photographer

Born in Detroit in 1957, Joseph studied Graphic Design and Photography and graduated in 1979 cum laude from the University of  Michigan School of Art.  Since leaving school Joseph has made photography a constant and serious part of his life.

A resident of New York, he finds particular inspiration in the familiar and well trod backyard paths of his South Salem garden as well as the unique locations he diligently pursues in his travels back and forth across the country and when overseas.

He is continuously working to develop his technique and intensify the images that constantly engage him. His varied work experiences as a gardener, photographer’s assistant, art director, and film producer have been a continuing adjunct to the constant of nature photography.

His work is represented in four fine art photo galleries in: California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Virginia: additionally, his work can be found in numerous public and private collections.

Visit Joseph Jurson;s website: http://www.josephjurson.com/Artist.asp?ArtistID=30081&Akey=3E893GPT 



Modern Photography Masterworks Up for Bid at JHP Benefit

Continuing the Legacy of Josephine Herrick, Pioneer of Using Photography to Help Those in Need   

NEW YORK, August 9, 2013—In the 1940s, Josephine Herrick was a budding photographer with a novel idea: put cameras in the hands of wounded WWII servicemen and guide them through the rehabilitative power of photography.  On November 4 the Josephine Herrick Project, the organization that bears her name and fulfills her inspiration with today’s veterans, autistic children and others, will auction more than 40 dazzling images from celebrated modern photographers as a fundraiser. The 2013 Modern Masters in Photography Benefit Auction will take place at the Aperture Gallery, 547 West 27th Street, New York City. Tickets are $150 per person, available at http://jhproject.org/benefit/

The benefit consists of a silent auction of artwork, portrait sittings, gallery tours and camera equipment and a live auction conducted by a Christie’s auctioneer.  Attendees will have a chance to acquire a signed print from modern masters, including Amy Arbus, Ralph Gibson, Mike Yamahsita, Phil Borges, Art Wolfe, Pulitzer Prize winner Jay Dickman, Douglas Kirkland, former White House photojournalist Barbara Kinney, longtime United Nations photographer John Isaac and Ron Haviv, author of Blood & Honey: A Balkan War Journal.   Also included are images from the Man Ray Trust.

These artists join a heritage of illustrious photographers who, through donations of their work, have supported the organization’s mission to enhance lives through photography.  Thirty-five years ago at its last auction, attendees bid on images by Ansel Adams, Margaret Bourke-White, Edward Steichen, Irving Penn and others. The event this year likewise may feature potential investment pieces by contemporary photographers.

The Josephine Herrick Project creates programs, exhibitions and publications and currently provides equipment, curriculum and volunteer photography teachers to more than 20 programs in New York City.  It partners with several agencies and hospitals, including the Brooklyn VA, Block Institute, Gallop/NYC, Creedmoor Psychiatric Center and Beacon University Settlement.

The organization was formerly known as Rehabilitation Through Photography, but a name change in June was made to honor its founder. “The benefit auction, revived after a long hiatus, is another way to share Josephine Herrick’s long-lasting influence with the American public,” said Maureen McNeil, who joined as director in September 2012.  “We will be celebrating evening of cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and sensational photography. We look forward to sharing this moment with our supporters, programs, photographers and friends.” she added.

Herrick earned much acclaim from the New York photography and medical communities in her lifetime. She worked closely with Dr. Howard Rusk, considered the father of rehabilitative medicine, who invited her to develop therapeutic photography programs for patients at the Rusk Institute. 

Herrick began using a camera for charitable causes in 1941. She enlisted friends to take pictures of servicemen departing to war. Her team of volunteers then sent each serviceman’s photo to his family along with a personalized note. After the war, her organization took shape, teaching camera skills and self-expression to wounded veterans to help heal the emotional scars of war.  Eventually, the group began receiving requests to develop programs for schools, hospitals, senior centers and social service agencies.

About The Josephine Herrick Project

The Josephine Herrick Project is a New York City-based nonprofit, founded in 1941, that enlists photographic community volunteers and the industry to provide equipment and photography skills to underserved populations. JHProject’s free programs inspire children, teens, veterans, adults and seniors with the visual language of photography, which enables them to engage with others and in their communities through their artistic vision.



Doug Kirkland’s portrait of Audrey Hepburn will be among the signed works donated by today’s top photographers to be auctioned at a benefit for the Josephine Herrick Project on November 4 at the Aperture Gallery.  For information and to order tickets to the event, visit http://jhproject.org/benefit/


Angel’s Trumpet by Elizabeth Opalenick is among the signed photographic works up for bid at the 2013 Modern Masters in Photography Benefit Auction. The event, a fundraiser for The Josephine Herrick Project, takes place November 4 at the Aperture Gallery. For information and to order tickets to the event, visit http://jhproject.org/benefit/.