Josephine Herrick Project
Formerly RTP (Rehabilitation Through Photography)

The Josephine Herrick Project is a nonprofit that enlists photographic community volunteers to educate students who have not had the opportunity to learn the communicative power of photography. Through partnerships with local organizations, JHProject’s completely free programs inspire children, teens, adults and seniors with the visual language of photography, enhancing their abilities to transform communities through artistic vision.

JHP launches first Veteran’s Program in NJ at Unique Photo


By Jackie Augustine – September 30, 2014

Are you a Veteran and interesting in learning digital photography for FREE?

Join the Josephine Herrick Project (JHP) for an 8-session introduction to digital photography at Unique Photo in Fairfield, NJ!

Using Canon Rebel DSLR cameras, this 8-session program will focus on several different subjects, including portraiture, still life, outdoor photography, special effects, macro photography, and much more.


Classes start Saturday, October 11th at 10am to noon at Unique Photo in Fairfield, NJ.

Instructors include Harmon Kaplan, Rick Gerrity, Michael Downey, and Jackie Augustine.
Canon DSLR cameras will be provided for use during class.


This program is FREE RSVP for VETERANS ONLY.
Please do not enroll if you are not a veteran.
Enroll early!  Only 15 spots available.

Our Instructors for the program

Harmon Kaplan


Rick Gerrity

Michael Downey


Jackie Augustine


About Josephine Herrick Project’s Veteran Program

Since its founding in 1941, JHP has had a distinguished legacy of offering free programs to veterans. Dr. Howard Rusk, renowned rehabilitation pioneer, tapped photographer Josephine Herrick to train photographers to teach the art and technical aspects of photography to wounded soldiers. Portable darkrooms were designed so that bed-bound patients could learn to develop and print the photos they had taken. Today the Josephine Herrick Project has programs for veterans at the Brooklyn VA, the James J. Peter VA Hospital in the Bronx, and the St. Albans VA Hospital in Queens. Other veteran programs are in partnership with libraries, colleges and Services for the Underserved. Here is a link to The Today Show featuring a JHP program which aired on July 4, 2014,

The goal of the free JHP photography programs for veterans is to connect participants to their communities. JHP provides at no cost, cameras, supplies, materials and professional instructors. The program introduces veterans to the camera, focusing on portraiture, still life, street photography and photojournalism. Selected veteran photographs are then exhibited in venues around NYC and the surrounding area, enhancing their ability to transform communities through their artistic vision.

For more information about JHP veteran programs, please contact or 212-213-4946.






Finding Josephine: 1945 Rehabilitation Photography at St. Albans Hospital

By Jackie Augustine – September 25. 3014

Photo Caption: A Group of patients in the Rehabilitation Photography class being conducted at St. Albans Naval Hospital, St. Albans, Long Island, New York under the AWVS War Service Photography.  Mrs. Henry R. Johnston is explaining the use of hand cameras to these men before they start taking their problem pictures.  Mrs. Johnston is Chairman of the Rehabilitation Photography Program at St. Albans.

Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to meet at the NY Public Library with a dozen volunteers to dig in the archives and uncover the “untold story” of our founder Josephine Herrick.  I was intrigued by a stack of AWVS bulletins that were not digitized yet and in need of some TLC in handling.  AWVS was the newsletter for the American Women Volunteer Services that played a major role in helping our soldiers during and after World War II.

The picture above intrigued me because it was taken at St. Albans Hospital in Long Island. Fast forward to 2014 and JHP volunteer photographer Scott Nidermeyer has been working with ten of the oldest of the veterans from WWII. His goal is to teach the artistic and technical processes of photography. As their hearing, dexterity and eye sight wane, photography is tool to help them tell their stories. After an eight week program, an exhibition of their work was displayed at the Hospital. St. Albans is the location of JHP’s first photography program in 1941.


Own Rick Friedman’s the “Greats of Rock & Roll” visit the new JHP Professional Photographers Gallery Today!

By Rick Friedman – Posted September 24, 2014

This photograph of Keith Richards, Chuck Berry and Leonard Cohen was taken prior to the Pen Literary Awards (Poets/Playwrights, Essayists/Editors, Novelists) at the John F. Kennedy Library in Boston on February 26, 2012.  I was on assignment for the J.F.K. Library and was the only photographer in the room when this image was made.  The 3 rock greats posed for me for the time it takes to make 3 frames.  The photograph has been published in “Rolling Stone” and Keith Richards has blogged about the photograph.


Dimensions:  26″ x 18″

Creation Date:  February 26,2012



About Rick Friedman

Rick Friedman has been a photojournalist for over three decades. Based in Boston, he travels the world for numerous publications, corporations, advertising assignments and film and television productions. His published work appears in Time, Newsweek, U.S. News, The New York Times, USA Today, The Guardian, Der Spiegel, Stern, Discover and many other publications. He has produced over 75 book and magazine covers.

Rick is currently the President of the Boston Press Photographers Association. He has won awards from the American Society of Media Photographers, the National Press Photographers Association, and the Boston Press Photographers Association. He has work in the permanent collection of the Newseum in Washington, DC and has had one man shows at Boston City Hall and the Boston Public Library in addition to having his work displayed in numerous other shows.

Rick has photographed every presidential candidate from Jimmy Carter to Barack Obama and is currently covering the 2012 presidential campaign.

Rick has photographed several thousand professors and scientists for both for publications and for major universities. His archives contain one of the largest private collections of portraits of professors, scientists and doctors.

Rick, who is known for his lighting techniques is currently on his 13 city U.S. Location Lighting Workshop Tour. He recently completed a 10 city “Location Lighting workshop Tour” of England, Ireland and Wales sponsored by Canon and the “Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers” Rick also teaches at photographic workshops and lectures at colleges and universities.

“One of the greatest things about being a freelance photojournalist is the great variety of assignments I get to cover and the places I get to go. I could be covering the President one day, spending the following day with a noted scientist or professor (or both) and the following day overseas on a travel story. I truly have the best job in the world”.

Rick’s work can be seen at:


Own an Amazing Photo and Support an Amazing Cause!

We are excited to announce the launch of the Josephine Herrick Project Professional Photographers Online Gallery.  Our gallery was launched with 12 amazing photographs generously donated by 12 amazing professional photographers who are supporters of the Josephine Herrick Project’s mission which is “to provide completely free programs that inspire children, teens, adults and seniors with the visual language of photography, enhancing their abilities to transform communities through artistic vision.”

This is a great opportunity to own an amazing  photograph and help support our programs!


Please visit the Online Gallery at: